Small-Capacity Steel Shell Furnaces

Our Small-Capacity Steel Shell Furnaces offer high operational efficiency with a wide choice of capacities in an economical package.

Based on our Heavy Steel Shell Furnace technology, the Small-Capacity Steel Shell Furnace offers all the advantages of this proven furnace design but in a smaller package. Small-Capacity Steel Shell Furnaces have a proven “free breathing” coil design which uses heavy section copper tube for maximum efficiency. Together with full shunt coverage, these furnaces allow higher power density. Their maximum coil support minimizes refractory stress for long lining life. For reduced wear on power leads, Small-Capacity Steel Shell Furnaces are designed with side entry power lead connections. Small-Capacity Steel Shell Furnaces are also built with cast ceramic tops and bottoms.


Inductotherm Corp.

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Standard FeaturesOptional Features
High-Power Density CoilsManually Operated Furnace Cover
Side Entry Power ConnectionHydraulically Operated Furnace Cover
Cast Ceramic Mix Tops and BottomsFume Collectors and Hoods
“Free Breathing” Coil DesignSafety Pit Guards
Single, Double Trunnion, Lip Axis Pouring Geometry
Push-Out Lining System
Load Cells

Tech Specs

CapacitiesFactory Tested
25 Kilograms to 3 Metric Tons [50 Pounds to 3.5 Short Tons]Critical Components
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